I Choose To Foundation Black  Uni-sex Tee

I Choose To Foundation Black Uni-sex Tee

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"For GOD is working in You, giving You the desire and the power to do what pleases Him." {Phil 2:13NLT}

Our "I Choose To" Brand shirts signifies YOU having the power of choice...ALWAYS. It doesn't matter what decisions or choices may come your way. It can be choosing to love yourself, enjoy life more, getting healthy and fit, choosing to get up after you have fallen so many times, or simply choosing to love God. For some it's choosing to serve people, or choosing to work really hard at a thing. That's the beauty of the phrase "I Choose To...". Whatever your choice may be, GOD gave you not only the Desire but also the Power/free will to CHOOSE. The question is...What do YOU CHOOSE TO do?